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Zoom to you: Pain Coaching delivered to your place

I have been coaching people suffering chronic pain using Skype and Zoom for some years. I can zoom to you wherever you are to help you improve your life.

With millions of people across the globe suffering chronic pain for many different reasons, it is essential we can reach them to be able to help. When I started creating Pain Coaching as an approach ten years ago, this was an important part of the planning. Online consultations have been part of my practice for some years allowing me to work effectively with people who cannot reach the clinics in London or Surrey.

At the time of writing, we are in lockdown (April 2020). All sessions have been on Zoom, Skype, FaceTime and WhatsApp. This is likely to continue for some weeks yet, although this will pass.

As clinics begin to open, there maybe some trepidation about being face to face. In response, I will continue to offer online sessions, which I see as a way forward beyond the time when clinics are open.

Zoom to you

Over the past few months I have been running a Pain Coaching Project wearing my Understand Pain hat. We switched to online sessions when it was necessary and completed the programme. The feedback and results speak for themselves when asking whether Pain Coaching can be effective via a screen. I continued to work with the participants who have been overwhelmingly positive about their own personal achievements and the approach. We know that coaching works online and now we are building data to show that Pain Coaching is effective via this medium.

What is Pain Coaching? In brief, this is an approach that focuses upon appreciating the best of an individual (their strengths), moving towards a picture of success using a range of practical tools and specific exercises. My role is to encourage, support and guide the person to understand their pain and move on to live a fulfilling life, defined by them. This is all deliverable via online sessions. 

Looking forward, I will offer Pain Coaching via Zoom (or the like) as a way to work with people who are unable to visit the clinics, or because it is more convenient. To date I have, and am working with patients in the USA, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, India, Europe and around the UK. There are a number of advantages. Imagine what it would be like going to your session by changing rooms or switching screens rather than travelling…

Why you may choose for me to Zoom to you

Two benefits of online consultations are the flexibility on timing and being able to work directly within your own environments — home and workplace. Both offer great advantages over set clinic times and locations. The real difference made to your life happens in your own world, not the clinic. I can help you to make immediate positive changes where you spend most of your time, which is really powerful in creating new habits. Further, with the range of hours that you work and have other commitments, I can offer timings that are convenient for you.

Zoom to you is a way to reach out and work with you in your space. 

The future of Pain Coaching is continually being shaped by new ideas and ways of helping people reach their potential. Together we discover and value what brings you success. You use these strengths to take steps towards your picture(s) of success. As you imagine the positive future possibilities, together we design a way for you to achieve results. We can do all of this online as well as face to face, creating different options that fit your lifestyle and needs.

Together we move on.

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