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Why I continue to do video online sessions

by | Jul 2, 2020 | Chronic pain, Pain, Pain Coach

Video calls ~ BTW, that is not me in the picture 🙂

At the moment and for the foreseeable future, I continue to do video online calls. Why? There are a few reasons. I will explain.

Over the past few weeks we have seen clinics opening for face to face sessions. So why I do continue to do video online sessions? Simply because there are many pluses.

  1. When I was designing Pain Coaching 10 years or so ago, I did so with reach in mind. Using video calls has allowed me to work with and coach people suffering chronic pain across the globe. From my home or somewhere else, I can listen to, guide, coach, recommend, encourage and motivate another person wherever they are on the planet.
  2. All the tools, practices, exercises and strategies can be explained, discussed, observed and practiced together via the medium of video. In terms of content, video calls are as good as face to face. Indeed, I have seen the effects of this and measured satisfaction in a recent study that I ran (9+/10 was the average score).
  3. Video calling offers more flexibility. Without constraints of physical clinic times, especially when working across time zones, we can arrange sessions to fit the schedule of the client/patient with much greater ease.
  4. There is no need to travel. This works well for people with busy schedules. The sessions are at least an hour. Add travel time and this means blocking out 3 hours for some people. Others have the burden of organising and making a lengthy journey. Whilst some like to travel and make a trip out of coming to London, there are those who cannot do this due to pain or other reasons. Video calls eliminate all of these concerns and allow us to focus purely on the work to shape a positive future.
  5. Currently, with Covid-19 still a major public health threat, the guidelines state that we should only see patients face to face if absolutely necessary. It is not necessary for us to meet for you to start your journey onwards. We can start right away. This is a safer and effective option.
  6. What about hands on treatment, you may ask. A good question. When I work with people under ‘normal’ circumstances, I use my hands. There are positive effects of touch. However, this is certainly not necessary for getting better, and the methods can be taught over video for self-application or with a partner at home.

We are seeing an evolving landscape with regards delivery of care. A period of adversity, whilst causing much suffering, also offers opportunity to look at better ways of working for all. There will be a time when face to face resumes, without masks, gloves and robes. I look forward to this, as being in the room with someone is the preferred way of working for a number of reasons. I do foresee that the video option will become increasingly part of my practice, building on what I was already doing, for the reasons above.

However, for now, video online sessions are an excellent option and safer for all.

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