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Understand & overcome your chronic pain ~ the book

by | Sep 7, 2023 | Book, Chronic pain, Pain Coach, understand pain

Chronic pain Book update

‘Understand and overcome your chronic pain’

Only a few months before the release date, December 1.

The final manuscript is with the production team right now.

Getting some wonderful feedback from early readers.

The main purpose is that the book be practical and useful.

It is packed with insights, skills and strategies, based on my day to day work, for the reader to put into practice in their life, straight away.

There is only one of me, so I wanted to reach out further. A book is one way.

I have some plans to reach even further.

Pain education ~ a chronic pain book

There has been an emphasis on pain education as a key part of helping people suffering chronic pain. Rightly so.

Anything we face is done so in a better way when it is understood.

When it makes sense.

Maybe you have had that experience.

Many people tell me of the relief they experience from being heard initially, and then understanding their pain.

This sets them on their way.

The book will help you understand your pain and then give you many suggestions of ways you can move forward.

People usually know what they want to achieve and why it matters, but don’t know how.

The work I do with them in the clinic and online is to show them how.

The know-how to get the best of the skills and strategies that can shape a positive future.

I didn’t want the book to be some kind of gateway to me. Instead a complete guide. From the feedback, I think I have managed this, but welcome your thoughts when you have read it and created your practice.

Or perhaps you have recommended it to someone you work with. Equally, I would love to hear.

Book tour

In the coming weeks, I will be planning a bit of a tour.

Going round the country to local book stores and cafes to meet people, talk about pain and doing Q&As.

Do get in touch if you would like to host or organise an event near you.

It’ll be fun, but importantly seeks to make a difference as more people come to understand their pain and what they can do to ease their suffering and move forward. Get unstuck.

Pre-order your copy

You can pre-order the book at Sequoia Books here.