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Train strikes causing you disruption?

by | Jan 3, 2023 | Uncategorized

There’s one thing that the Train strikes won’t affect

Railway track

The train strikes don’t affect our sessions together.

We can do it online.

The beauty of Pain Coaching.

Do I like seeing you in person?

Of course!

But with an excellent alternative when there is a need, online ticks all the boxes.

It is now a mainstream offering.

I have been working with people suffering pain across the globe for many years.

We realised it was a great way to get together, build your understanding of pain and learn the practices to ease and overcome chronic pain.

Convenient, easy and reliable.

Keeping the momentum — that’s key.

We need time together to have the necessary conversations, to deepen understanding of your pain and to practice the tools and strategies.

For you to overcome your pain and reconnect with what matters in your life.

So that’s what we do online.

Wherever you are.


🔥 I am Richmond. I help you understand, ease and overcome your chronic pain, and live your life using practical skills and tools.

🔥 And mentor the clinicians/therapists who help people who are suffering.

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