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The Pain Coach

The joy of the trail

Trail Life appeals to people who want to be in nature as a way to wellness

Our natural orientation is towards wellness. The habits that we form determine whether we remain on this path or not. For example, the habit of regular movement through each day means that my body will be more flexible and mobile.

Wellness emerges from being connected to people, a purpose, the planet (or nature) and our body. These are the 3 Ps and a B. Modern living can disconnect us from these and other things that are important to us. Re-engaging is an important step, which often needs gentle guidance. Trail Life focuses on building sustained wellness by being in nature. Read on if you would like to know more.

Trail running

I am an ultrarunner. My preference is trail running. I love heading off into the countryside to follow paths coursing their way through forests, along rivers, up and down hills and mountains, across fields and beyond. There is a sense of exploration, space, awe, freshness, energy and sometimes adventure. These feelings are invigorating, enlivening me for the natural ups and downs of life.

The way we meet  and respond to the inevitable challenges we face is determined by the physiological state we are in at the time. Generating good and great states more often helps us see clearly and build resilience by noticing more and more joy in the simple things: movement, other people, nature.

The Pain Coach

Nature is there for you

Trail Life for wellbeing

Trail Life sessions are in nature where we move (run, jog, walk, exercise), talk, breathe, listen, feel, smell and connect. Nature exists for healing, letting go and moving on, whilst acknowledging vulnerability, our past and our future positive images. It is these that you work towards, taking a step now to shape that future.

Moving along the trail is a metaphor for life in many ways. Sometimes it is smooth and feels free and wonderful. Other times it is hard work, requiring effort and focus. There are always obstacles to cross, yet we can choose how we approach each one. In a curious state, we will openly explore ways to take the opportunity to learn and move on. Learning to cultivate curiosity is a fruitful exercise.

At the end there is a sense of achievement. You have travelled from A to B. Acknowledging what you have done associates a positive feeling that drives your inner motivation. Your narrative is one of completing a challenge: I can.

Pain Coach Programme

Trail Life is part of the Pain Coach Programme that is designed to give you a highly individualistic way to understand the reasons for your pain and suffering. From there you move on to live a fulfilling life by building upon your strengths and successes, together with the practices, exercises, tools and strategies that I recommend for you.

To start, you clarify your picture(s) of success and what really matters to you in your life. Next, I design and create a specific programme for you to follow each day that becomes part of your routine. The proactive theme includes a range of practical tools that you use, forming new habits that deliver results. The response theme gives you ways to deal with challenging moments: pain (flare up), anxiety etc. Both themes are directed towards your picture(s) of success.

Along the way you note your successes and build momentum. I am there alongside you to guide, encourage and support you as you move forward.

Practical points

  • Sessions are 1-2 hours depending upon your needs
  • Parks include: Richmond Park, Bushy Park, Wimbledon Common
  • If you are further away, we can arrange sessions at your local nature spots
  • 1/2 and full days are available so that you can explore other areas
  • The level of training and practice is tailored to you
  • Trail Life practice examples:
    • Trail jog and walk (intermittent)
    • Hill work
    • Lift wood (resistance work)
    • Breathing and silence sitting on the grass or on a log
    • Mindful practice
    • Nourishing movements to release tension with a view (a lake, a vista)
    • Body weight exercises
    • Coaching talks for focus, motivation, inspiration
Please contact me if you have any further questions: