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the zen runner

by | Jun 14, 2024 | Uncategorized

The Zen runner.

A way of running.

Not in technique.

A way of being.

As you read the words below, notice the images, thoughts and feelings that arise.

They arise.

Let them pass.

Whatever arises, passes.

There is no separation between brain, body, mind and world. This is the nature of things.

Instead a single unified experience.

There is no body and mind, but there is body and mind — this is Zen.

Ultrarunning, you can access this experience as you move along, step by step.

You are both experiencing and creating the sense of yourself and the world around, but as one.

You are aware.

Any sense of separation is dissolved.

You are nature.

Nature is not outside of you.

It is in you as much as you are in nature.

This is the quality of what it is like.

Even in the struggle you can sense the oneness.

Step by step,

On the path,

You are the path,

Up and down the hills,

You are the hills,

Under the sky,

You are the sky,

Through the forest,

You are the forest,

Across the field,

You are the field,


You are the smile,

Feel the warmth of the sun,

You are the sun,

Hop from rock to rock across the stream,

You are the stream.

Sense the peace,

You are peace,

Know the inner calm,

You are inner calm,

Appreciate the beauty,

You are the beauty,

Step by step,

You are here.

RS – The Pain Coach