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by | May 27, 2024 | Self care

Invitation for you to join us at our online self care retreat in June

Self care is the foundation of your wellbeing.

3 reasons:

Firstly, making self care important in your day to day living.

Secondly, being consistent so that you get results.

Thirdly, without self care being important and consistent, you can’t flourish.

I want you to flourish!

For you and for the people you care about.

Fourthly, so you can do the things that matter to you.

Fifthly, so you can do the things for people you care about in the way that you want to.

limiting beliefs

These are the beliefs installed in you during your lifetime that stop you achieving what you could achieve.

The most relevant for self care is the belief that it is selfish.

Do not put yourself first!

Said someone who was told that themselves one day.

Guess what?

They were wrong!

You matter.

Your health and wellbeing matter.

the retreat

After many years of discussion, Jeff and I have at last got this thing going…

And we designed it to give you the most value by being sure to deliver learning outcomes and the know-how.

How to implement the skills into your day to day living, like cleaning your teeth.

We have divided the day into 3 live sessions: early, lunchtime and evening.

You can join all 3 live sessions or whichever ones fit with your day.

We will both be leading the practices and offering teachings.

Hope you can be there! Give yourself that time!

But if not, you will have the recording for life so you can go back and listen and learn in your own time.

Even if you attend live, I suggest you do this.

at the end of the day…

…you will have the knowledge, skills and know-how.

To make a difference in your world.

Which makes a difference in the world.

Join us! Me n’ Jeff.

Early bird discount tickets available until the end of May.

Also a discount if you come with a friend.

Click here to reserve your place.