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self care — important to you?

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Self care means you can care for others and the things that matter to you in your life.

what is self care?

Self care can be any activity that means you are looking after yourself.

Contrary to common belief, which comes a past time of misunderstanding, self care is a keystone for being healthy, well and growing as an individual.

Growth is a human need. Think about the opposite–stagnant.

Everything stems from being healthy and well.

Being healthy and well is a practice. A set of skills. A routine.

Each time you practice, you are voting for the healthy you.

In fact, whatever you practice, you are voting for that future.

It also includes how you talk to yourself — how you manage the self critic for instance, being able to say no, and prioritising yourself when necessary.

This may feel alien or uncomfortable because you have been conditioned to believe something else.

You may think that this is for other people and not you.

The question is, do you want to be living your best life?

my practice

I thought I would share what I do to give some examples.

I write.

I run.

I read.

I play guitar.

I meditate.

I move.

I connect.

I practice: gratitude, awe, self-compassion.

I do these things in different ways, in different orders, for different lengths of time.

But I do them.

Each day.

Because if I am well, I can care for others.

If I am not well, I can’t care for others in the same way.

What is your practice?

I am sure there are some things you are doing.

What are they?

You may like to make a list.

There are many ways to self care.

You find your own way because you are unique.

Sometimes with guidance.

Self care as a practice is an integral part of Pain Coaching.

To understand and overcome pain, both a learning process and growth, requires self care in big doses.

There are principles to follow, perhaps an individual philosophy and then the skills and know-how.

Virtual retreat

Having helped and guided people for over 30 years in self care, I have joined with Jeff Weigh to bring you the practice of simple self care in the form of an online retreat.

We have designed the day to be flexible, so there are 3 live sessions you can join and the full recording so you can enjoy and practice in your own time.

The sessions are packed with skills and strategies, plus we will show you how to implement them into your day to day.

Here is the outline:

Early Rise – 6-8.30am

Meditation and Welcome

Morning Pages



Mid Day – 11-2pm


Breath work

Poetry / Creative writing

Q&A Discussion

Evening Calm – 7-9:30pm

Light Movement

Gratitude Journaling

Reflection and Sharing

Meditation and Close

And more!

This is for you now and to shape your positive and healthy future.

What you think and do now matters!

RS – The Pain Coach

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