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Richmond Stace

Do you help people suffering chronic pain?

Work with me, pioneer of Pain Coaching, as we collaborate for your growth.

Pain Coach Mentoring builds on your existing strengths and experience.

It gives you skills, strategies and know-how to encourage and guide the person to understand and overcome their chronic pain.

A unique and bespoke focus on your growth and development as a person, a clinician/therapist, and a professional, so that you can help others in the best way.

Plus your self-care practice, an essential ingredient for your success: self-compassion, presence, awareness, calmness, clarity and equanimity.

Pain Coach Mentoring is for you if you work with and help people who suffer chronic pain: therapist, clinician, doctor, nurse. Please enquire if you are unsure or if you have a question.

What is Pain Coaching? read here

Ready for a deep dive?

Your individualised mentoring:

  • the spirit and the way of pain coaching
  • the whole person approach
  • connecting and caring
  • understand pain science and philosophy
  • skilful communication and conversations about pain
  • helping the person understand their pain?
  • clarifying & meeting the person’s needs
  • how to design and individualise rehabilitation
  • being present and aware during sessions
  • helping people form their practice: the know-how
  • learn many skills and strategies to share
  • encouraging, empowering, enabling
  • cultivating your individual style and way of being



  • 1:1 with me
  • 6 x 1 hour sessions online over 6 months
  • sessions recorded for lifetime access
  • focus on your picture(s) of success
  • resources shared by email after sessions for your independent learning and practice
  • email support between sessions
  • free copy of my book, Understand & overcome your chronic pain
  • discounts on my workshops and retreats

    Why work with me?

    My career in healthcare over the past 30 years has focused on helping people who are stuck, struggling and suffering chronic pain.

    Central to this has been my multidisciplinary background, including nursing, sports science, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, coaching, pain science & philosophy, compassion focused therapy, and motivational interviewing.

    I have been pioneering Pain Coaching for more than 20 years.

    In Pain Coach Mentoring I share my experience, guidance and encouragement with you.

    To help you grow and develop, and be able to best help people understand and overcome their chronic pain.

    Richmond Stace The Pain Coach

    Ready to start?

    Sessions: x 6 over 6 months with support between

    Fee: £999 per 6 sessions

    Payment options:

    • full payment of £999 and receive a free extra session
    • 3 payments of £333; at session 1, 3 & 5.

    Receive a FREE copy of my book, Understand and overcome your chronic pain, and discount on my retreats and spaces.

    RICHMOND STACE  – THE PAIN WHISPERER: I can’t speak highly enough of Richmond.

    When I came to see him, I had been in extreme pain for nearly a year and a half, was taking high dose Opiates and neuropathic pain medication, and was unable to sit down, due to a mysterious ‘pain in the arse’ – literally! Like a lot people, Richmond was my last port of call, having seen a number of different osteopaths, physiotherapists and pain doctors, even consulting with an eminent American pain specialist, but nothing had worked and I was beginning to feel depressed and despondent.  Through a strange sequence of events, an Australian physiotherapist, working in China, recommended Richmond – such is his reputation. And well deserved it is.

    He is sensitive, non-judgmental, caring, takes you seriously and is a bit of a magician!  

    Within a few sessions I was able to come off my medication, sit down and forget about my bum! I had to put my cynicism aside, as a lot of what helped was the ‘hippy sh*t’, but it’s all backed up with fascinating science and I will tell anyone who will listen, they don’t need to be in pain and Richmond should be their first port of call.

    LZ, London

    Last year I was in constant pain with my lower back and after 3 rounds of steroid injections, I was lost where to go next. Thankfully I got referred to see Richmond. Its been a refreshing approach to my pain and after 4 months I’m now looking at my pain in a completely different way.

    I’m back to running and not fearing exercise for the first time in 18 months. It’s been a life changing experience.

    Sophie, 27


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