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Welcome to my new site

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Richmond in Brighton

For years I have been known as Specialist Pain Physio. This year I decided to go with my name for the new site, designed by Marie.

It’s only ever been me, and that won’t change. Sometimes people ask if they will be seeing me or someone else in their session. Always me. 

My new site makes it clear who I am here to help:

  1. People who are suffering and struggling to overcome persistent pain
  2. People who are suffering and struggling to overcome dystonia


There are a few new things since moving onto the new site. 

You will notice that you can sign up to my monthly newsletter, The Encourager. This is as it suggests, a little bit of encouragement and inspiration delivered into your inbox. I highlight superb work and include practical tips and tools for you to try. 

I started a podcast with the same philosophy in mind: Encourager. It is a very simple concept. Causal chats, unedited, with people from different walks of life who encourage others. 

The blog will be a regularly updated feature. The purpose is to share the latest thinking about pain, but in a practical way. I want it to be useful for you. 


A further reason for going with my name is because of my forthcoming book. It is coming along (I wrote that for my publisher….). No, it really is. 

Unsurprisingly perhaps, the book (name TBC) is based on my work and the concept of pain coaching. Having pioneered pain coaching over the past twenty years, I felt it was time to expand my reach and help people across the globe. 

A book is not as good as a human encounter, yet it can offer the person a new understanding of their pain and many ways of finding a way forward. 


On global reach, you will see at the top of the page an offering of in-person or online sessions. Prior to covid I was working with people across the world. The coaching approach lends itself to this way, and works really well. Together we can do all the important things to help you understand and overcome your pain. 

Now online has become routine. It offers advantages that has made it a popular option: (1) convenience—flexibility with timings (2) no travel—some people find travelling very stressful or time consuming (3) we practice in your environment—no need to take your practices and exercises from the clinic back to your world. It happens straight away. 


In 2022, I will be uploading regular videos; or vlogs. 

Some people prefer to listen and watch rather than read. I have posted a few on my Instagram page and YouTube channel—click icons below to watch. 

There is no shortage of ideas, energised by the latest understanding and thinking about pain. The synergy of science and philosophy is offering us so many insights into pain. Of course, this is only useful when put in the light of the person’s lived experience. This is at the heart of pain coaching. 

For now I will be hunkering down, getting some more words down, and undoubtedly eating mince pies. Back in early 22. 

Have a look around the site, and if you think I can help you, drop me a line. 

I hope you have a very Happy Christmas