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New Encourager podcast episode

by | Jan 4, 2023 | Uncategorized

Encourager Podcast Guest:

Charles Balcombe – creator & founder of Paind

Charles Balcombe

Charles has the no small mission of ‘changing the face of chronic pain treatment’. 

Listen to the Encourager podcast episode here.


Because Charles has his own story of chronic pain. It started with leg pain, a visit to the doctor, physio that ‘did not work’, an MRI and 7 months after the pain began, neurosurgery. Little was he to know that this would follow with years of pain and ‘revolving door’ treatments. Plus foot drop and more surgeries to boot. 

Then he realised that there must be more to it. He could be in control and focus on those things that before he had dismissed: emotions, beliefs, expectations and more. He could also choose to be more active. 

Charles found a way. He believes that everyone can find their way but needs the right information about pain and the right guidance. Perhaps from a Pain Coach.

Is there an ideal healthcare professional? What’s going wrong in the healthcare system? What can we do? What is Charles doing?

All of this and much more in this episode of The Encourager 

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