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Where am I? What’s the purpose of the book?

Books on a table

The development editor has the manuscript.

Feedback coming soon… eek!

I am still having new ideas. That won’t stop.

The creative process.

Finding ways to help people understand their pain to develop a practice that eases their pain and suffering. Mainly by living their life skilfully.

Many, many people need guidance, help, and encouragement. Millions in the UK and across the globe.

The purpose

The purpose of the book is to reach those people so they can connect with the ideas, the knowledge, and the practices.

So they can create their own practice.

If that is you, then your practice.

The book is not a scaled down version or a gateway or an advert or a marketing tool.

It’s the full works.

A splurge of what we know, a recognition there is much we don’t know and the work I do with people each day.

The book shapes all of this.

Because I want to give the reader what they need right now.

Some of the key messages

  1. understanding pain is the first step, to make sense of it all.
  2. there are tools, strategies, exercises and skills that can be learned and then practiced.
  3. this is a journey with bumps in the road.
  4. it is a practice, but mainly in the way the person lives.
  5. focus on the process and not the outcome because you can control the former but not the latter.
  6. nothing is permanent.
  7. aligning expectations and reality is a vital skill.
  8. seeing things for what they are is another.
  9. knowing your narrative is one version of events and there are many others is a further one.
  10. getting better is a learning process, like playing the guitar or how to speak Spanish.
  11. your practice can be a poorly lit path at times, but it is your best option.

There is much more in the book. The content and the know-how.

The know-how is key and the bit often left out of a programme — how do I best use this tool or strategy?

I will update you when I am on the next step.

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💥 I am Richmond. I help you understand, ease and overcome your chronic pain by living life and using practical skills and tools.

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