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Face to face or online, your choice

by | Sep 10, 2020 | Chronic pain, Clinic News, Pain, Pain Coach

Pain Coaching to overcome chronic pain by living

Face to face or online, your choice

Face to face starts next week, giving you the option of meeting in person or working together online.

Part of the joy of working with you and helping you improve your life is to sit in the same space.

Together we discover and create a way forward. You tell me your story and I help you understand what has been happening, why, and then offer practical ways to move forward towards your picture(s) of success.

Until now, it has been exclusively online. Now you have a choice.

Face to face or online?

There remain many advantages to the online sessions, including:

  • safety in terms of the virus
  • no need to travel
  • I can work with you wherever you are in the UK or the world
  • more flexible on timings
  • you receive the same important content: practices, exercises, tools and strategies

Some people prefer face to face. It is more familiar and comfortable for them. So now I am pleased to be able to offer this with all the necessary safety precautions in place.

If you choose face to face, we will go through the additional health checks to keep you and others safe. You will be informed of the procedures when you book.

~ blog: starting face to face

However, if you would rather have sessions online, we can start or continue this way.

My purpose is to encourage and guide you towards your ideal future: ease pain and suffering, get better, return to doing things you love, re-connect with what matters to you and more. No matter where your start point, you can move onwards. And I am here to help.

We can do this face to face or online, your choice.

To book, you can email or call Jo on 07518 445493 (international: +44 7518 445493)