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Job done ✅ ~ 65k ULTRAMARATHON for MAP (Medical Aid for palestinians)

by | Jun 5, 2023 | Uncategorized

Great day for a 65k ultramarathon from Walton Bridge to the thames barrier, for MAP.

Reaching the Thames Barrier was the end of the ultramarathon for MAP and the end of an era for me as an ultrarunner.

I decided that this would be my last long one, so I can have more time on other projects.

There will be things I miss. Even the stiff legs the next day!

I’ve learned a lot on this journey, especially the two years of monthly ultramarathons. And now it’s time to hang up the ultra boots, especially after the incredible Ring O’ Fire last September and this one for MAP — on a high.

Yesterday was a great day. Starting out with a couple of old friends, and then following the meandering Thames through many familiar places was a real pleasure.

There were some quiet and shady sections, then some busy touristy bits. The river always to my left as I headed east, the path offers nature and urban, with a host of sights – the Houses of Parliament, The Tate Modern, St. Paul’s, the City, the Cutty Sark and the O2 before reaching the iconic Thames Barrier.

Plenty to keep me occupied whilst trotting along.

After about 20k, my legs were feeling a bit heavier that I expected. Should I have had that massage yesterday? And other thoughts creep in.

Ultrarunning needs a range of skills to deal with matters and thoughts arising! As the fatigue creeps in, it’s useful to have some mantras, a reminder of the purpose, a swig of water, a handful of sweets or an ice cream.

The purpose of the run was to raise awareness of the important work MAP (Medical Aid for Palestinians) is doing. I am a very small cog, working with the physiotherapists in Gaza on chronic pain. Knowing the conditions under which they are providing care was a real spur. I was definitely doing the easy bit.

And of course to raise money. My target was £1000, but when I last checked it had reached £1668!

Massive thanks to all those who have donated.

There is still time to donate if you would like to give. It would be great to double the target and reach £2000.

You can give here.

Big thanks to all my supporters including my wife Jo, who drove me home. I stayed awake this time! And to Tim and family for the delicious BBQ and a few cheeky beers!