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On my website you will find information about how I can help you if you are suffering chronic pain.

My name is Richmond Stace, and I am a chronic pain specialist with a multidisciplinary background and over 30 years experience in healthcare. For over 15 years I have been pioneering Pain Coaching as a way to help people understand and overcome their chronic pain.

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Understand & overcome your pain

I am here to help you.

Pain Coaching to help and guide you to:

  • understand, ease and overcome your chronic pain
  • reconnect with things that matter to you
  • live well now
  • build sustainable health and wellness
  • shape a positive future
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Online and in-person Pain Coaching sessions for your chronic pain.

Order your copy of the book here

“This is different to every other book on pain that’s out there. It makes you feel like he’s got a reassuring arm around your shoulder as you embark on the journey together. I can’t recommend it enough.”

Louise Trewern

National Pain Advocate, Fellow Durham University Wolfson Research Institute for Health & Wellbeing Lead Lived Experience Trainer Live Well With Pain, Immediate Past Vice Chair British Pain Society Patient Voice Committee


Pain Coaching

Gives you the knowledge, skills and know-how to ease & overcome your pain

A caring collaboration, working together using a science and evidence-based approach:

  • To help you understand your pain and symptoms
  • Effective and practical ways to ease your pain and suffering
  • To teach you practices, exercises, tools and strategies + the know-how
  • An individualised programme for you to achieve your picture(s) of success
  • Learn the skills of being well for sustained wellness
  • Reconnect with what matters to you
  • What is Pain Coaching? Read here
Woman holding a watering can and watering flowers

 About Richmond

 Chronic Pain Specialist, Physiotherapist, pioneer of Pain Coaching, Humanitarian, Lecturer, Author and Podcast host

I have worked in healthcare for over 30 years, with a unique multidisciplinary background in nursing, rehabilitation, sport science, coaching, physiotherapy, pain science, and a range of psychological approaches.

Having had an interest in pain from my nursing days, I pioneered Pain Coaching (read here) as an effective way to help people understand, manage, ease and overcome chronic pain and suffering.

I continue to develop Pain Coaching, as well as teaching and training healthcare professionals and students on chronic pain. This includes the MSc in Sports Medicine at QMUL and humanitarian work with Medical Aid for Palestinians in Gaza.

My clinical work is with people suffering chronic pain who are stuck and want their pain and life to get better.

My purpose is to bring the latest understanding of the lived experience of chronic pain to individuals and society so that we can ease suffering.

‘Understand and overcome your chronic pain ~ the comprehensive guide to chronic pain and how you can shape a positive future’, the book I have written based upon my day to day work.

Outside of the clinic I am found watching my kids play sport, running on the South Downs, writing, reading, going to gigs and playing my guitar 🏑🏃🏻‍♂️🎸.

Richmond Stace

Areas of expertise

  • Persistent & chronic pain; eg/ back pain, fibromyalgia, CRPS
  • Chronically painful rheumatological & neurological conditions
  • Problematic, persisting and recurring sports injuries
  • Persistent running injuries and pain
  • Post-operative pain that is limiting progress
  • Performing artists struggling with pain
  • Medicolegal cases when pain is a problem
  • Pain management
  • Dystonia


  • Pain Coach Mentoring for clinicians and therapists – read here

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Encouragers podcast

Relaxed conversations with people making a positive contribution

RICHMOND STACE  – THE PAIN WHISPERER: I can’t speak highly enough of Richmond.

When I came to see him, I had been in extreme pain for nearly a year and a half, was taking high dose Opiates and neuropathic pain medication, and was unable to sit down, due to a mysterious ‘pain in the arse’ – literally! Like a lot people, Richmond was my last port of call, having seen a number of different osteopaths, physiotherapists and pain doctors, even consulting with an eminent American pain specialist, but nothing had worked and I was beginning to feel depressed and despondent.  Through a strange sequence of events, an Australian physiotherapist, working in China, recommended Richmond – such is his reputation. And well deserved it is.

He is sensitive, non-judgmental, caring, takes you seriously and is a bit of a magician!  

Within a few sessions I was able to come off my medication, sit down and forget about my bum! I had to put my cynicism aside, as a lot of what helped was the ‘hippy sh*t’, but it’s all backed up with fascinating science and I will tell anyone who will listen, they don’t need to be in pain and Richmond should be their first port of call.

LZ, London

I came to visit Richmond suffering chronic knee pain for a couple of years that stemmed from a needless surgery many years previously. 
The pain varied in intensity, but it often caused me problems both while running and afterwards – and also interfered with my daily life. Just walking was sometimes enough to trigger stabbing pains.
I’d more or less exhausted ‘traditional’ physio and medical solutions – so decided to try Richmond after finding him online. His approach and exercises (ones that focus on the mind rather than body) succeeded in complementing more conventional physio,  and allowed me to reframe and reduce my perception of pain. I’m now able to run again and get on with life without the ever present worry of knee pain – and I’m very grateful.
WP, London

I started with an online consultation with Richmond and it was different then all other pain therapies I did till this point.

He looks at people as a whole in order to then find out where the problem is and then solve it. Before the sessions I had back problems and I thought it will take forever to cure them, but after three sessions it started to get a lot better.

Thank you Richmond! I can only recommend to work with you.

Moritz, Germany

Over the past eighteen months I have had symptoms relating to Long Covid. These have included anxiety, depression, severe fatigue, memory problems and joint/tendon inflammation.

Over the sessions we had together, Richmond listened to my concerns carefully, offered his understanding of the cause of each symptom and then agreed a realistic intervention from a wide variety of approaches to address the issues.

Each session began with an update of my symptoms, a review of how I had responded to any intervention and then advice to improve things further or alter the approach.

Without a doubt I have recovered sufficiently to return to work and I will be able to continue using the many simple but effective tools to maintain my physical and mental health that Richmond has taught.

The time I invested in my sessions with Richmond were well worth it.

Dr Ivan Appelqvist


Richmond Stace is my go-to clinician for any person in pain, and he’s completely re-shaped the way I think about pain as a Doctor. He’s guided the recovery and empowerment of so many of my patients who’ve trapped for years by the way that their pain had made them think, feel and move.

The most amazing part is that it’s all based on awesome science – yet he makes the process so ‘human’.

He’s an inspiring speaker and coach, and a day spent learning from him is likely the be the best day of education you’ll ever have.

Dr Cath Spencer-Smith

Consultant Sports Physician

Richmond Stace really helped me and more importantly empowered me to get out of a hole! His holistic approach, with no stone left unturned, got me to see clearly where I was and provided me with the tool box not only to get fit again but hopefully to stay healthy.

I’d had a year of plantar fasciitis and other on-going chronic injuries before I turned to Richmond. With a range of mental and physical techniques, he helped me to heal and get back on track with my running. We worked really hard at integrating a support system of exercises into my daily life that underpin my running and give me the confidence and strength to run long and hard again.

If you’re looking for a slightly different approach from the norm that really does work – look no further!

Paul Cheetham

European Masters Marathon Champion (M45) 2017 World Masters | Half Marathon: Team Champion (M45) 2019

I’ve known Richmond for a few years and we’ve worked together with patients who have issues of persistent musculoskeletal pain.
I appreciate his time and thoughtfulness with each and every one of these patients and how he manages to progress them on their individual pain journeys.
Richmond himself is a keen runner and appreciates the issues many athletes may encounter. Highly regarded.
Dr Rick Seah

Consultant in Sport, Exercise & Musculoskeletal Medicine; London


The Chelsea Consulting Rooms
2 Lower Sloane Street

132 Harley Street